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Snakes Lair || Hakka's reign

Slytherin' around the castle...

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W e l c o m e , v i s i t o r
you've actually stumbled upon the art journal of your truly Prince best know as Hakka. This is where I upload my things. Be my guest.

F a n d o m s
Your host's fandoms aren't wide ranged as many other people out there, but I'm truly devoted to the few I enjoy.
Currently my mains, of which I think about and produce content that you will find in this journal as well, are two, and are the following.

Star Trek TOS/AOS: Kirk/Spock BBC Merlin: Arthur Pendragon/Merlin

These are pairs I follow in the canon, they are in my heart but I don't search fan material about them.

X-Men comics: Archangel/Psylocke DC/Wildstorm comics: Apollo/Midnighter

These below have all been, at some point or another, my main fandoms. I still dip in them, from time to time, but I am no more as devoted as before.
Harry Potter: Harry/Draco Naruto: Naruto/Sasuke One Piece: Zoro/Sanji Slam Dunk: Rukawa/Hanamichi NCIS: Gibbs/DiNozzo